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The internationalization of Populism. Populism beyond the nation state?

The internationalization of Populism. Populism beyond the nation state?


23.06.2022 kl. 09.15 - 24.06.2022 kl. 14.45


One of the understandings of populism conceives it as the response of the ‘losers of globalization’ against transnational dynamics of the economic system. At the same time, populism tends to organize its demands and conceptualization of ‘the people’ within given nation-states as the framework to reclaim popular sovereignty. This 2-days seminar, will be focused on how populism, as sociopolitical phenomenon, has moved beyond the nation state and has promoted processes of internationalization and transnational connections, thus becoming globalized. Some of the many examples of the internationalization of populism include Mateo Salvini’s attempt to coordinate the European far right for the European Parliament Elections; the formation of an Iberosphere between Spain, Portugal and Latin America; the opposition to the Sustainable Development Goals; the influence of global populist figures such as Donald Trump and of regional ones such as Hugo Chávez and Jair Bolsonaro; Yannis Varoufakis’ transnational Diem25 project; the initiatives from European left populist parties to change European neoliberal policies; and the positions adopted by some Latin American countries towards Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

Our aim is to identify and understand different types of processes of internationalization of populism and its transnational dynamics, particularly in Europe and Latin America. Among the topics for discussion, we will consider:

  • Internationalization alliances and coalitions between populist actors
  • Transnational connections  
  • The role of populism in the formation of transnational public spheres
  • The local responses to globalization
  • Transnational mobilizations and repertories
  • The use of digital media
  • Geopolitics and the shaping of populist blocs

In case you want to participate (online or in person), please send an abstract (200-300 words) to Óscar García Agustín,

Deadline for submitting abstracts: May 31.

This seminar is part of the international research network ‘Mobilizing for Democracy: People, Borders and Imagination’, financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, between the universities of Aalborg (Denmark) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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