Department of Culture and Learning

Processes and Learning in Organizations (POLO)

About POLO

POLO Research Group at Aalborg University researches organizational processes, organizational learning, change and innovation in organizations and development of leadership, collaboration, co-creation and well-being in organizational life.

As organizations change and the role and character of organizations and organizing in societies change, the study of learning, development, and human practices such as management and education evolves. Researchers in POLO work from participatory research traditions enabling co-inquiry collaborations across the researcher – practitioner divide, exploring and developing practices, professions, programs, politics and technologies of present day organizing, investigating their implication on human experience, learning and well-being in organizational life.

As a research group POLO has a long tradition of facilitating and researching organizational learning and development processes. From social psychology and human science perspectives considering human beings in terms of relatedness and interdependency, meaning making and interpretive engagements, our aim is to develop research of relevance for practitioners, policymakers and researchers engaged in the study of organizing, organizational practices and organizational learning and development. We feel obliged to contribute to the development of action research methodologies, as well as reflexive and qualitative inquiries, to advance more democratic, inclusive and practice-oriented engagements in the process of research.

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Lone Hersted, Head of Research Group
Kroghstraede 3, 5-234
9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 23708684