Department of Culture and Learning

Fields of Research

Leadership and leadership development

Researchers in POLO contribute to research in leadership and leadership development – often in relation to organizational learning. POLO research projects in leadership and leadership development focus on leadership practices and approaches for enhancing the organizational opportunities for learning, collaboration, and development.

Organizational learning and Organizational development

Organizational learning, learning in organizations and education and competence development in and related to organizations are key fields of expertise and research for POLO researchers. Facilitation and research of organizational development and change is often part of POLO research projects conducted in close collaboration with external project partners.

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Action Research

Researchers in POLO have a longstanding tradition and experience of working closely with a variety of industrial and public sector partners in action research projects and have done so in fields such as competence development, leadership development, team and organization development, organizational learning, action learning and peer-supervision and -reflexivity.

Process organization studies and ‘withness’ research

POLO have engaged extensively with the process turn in organization studies to explore the implications of a process perspective in studying organizing, organizational change and learning, and in doing so have contributed to the development of process research methodology.