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Søren Frimann

Søren Frimann holds a master's degree in language, media, literature, and psychology, a PhD in organizational communication and is associate professor in leadership, organizational development and action research. His research focusses on action research, action learning, leadership development, organizational learning, coaching, narratives and discourses in organizations. He works primarily with organizational ethnography and qualitative methods, such as observation and qualitative interviews. He runs the Danish Action Research Network (DAN) in collaboration with other researchers. In addition, he is co-leader of the action research network ‘Learning-across’. Søren has worked with research and development projects in fields such as management development, organizational learning, dialogue, and action research in public and private organizations, e.g. private companies, municipalities, vocational schools and high schools. Institutional positions that Søren has handled include research group leader for POLO, vice chairman for the department collaboration committee and chairman for the study board of master educations in learning and philosophy. He teaches leadership, organizational learning, organizational development, action research, qualitative methods, theory of science, discourse and coaching. He is coordinator in the master's program on Leadership and Organizational Psychology (LOOP) and teaches in part-time master programmes on Process Leadership and Organizational Change (PROF) and Learning Processes (MLP).

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Dorina Gnaur

Dorina Gnaur holds a PhD and is associate professor. Her research lies at the crossroads of digitally enhanced learning, and learning and development within and across various working and educational contexts. She is particularly concerned with affordances for learning in the light of the mediating role of technology in connecting people across various learning and action spaces. Similarly, she takes an interest in the possibilities for people to influence the technological development in an ethical and sustainable direction for both humans and their surroundings. Dorina has been involved in the design and integration of a number of research and development projects concerning technology-enhanced teaching programs, as well as competence development of staff from the continuing and higher education sector and leadership development programmes. Her preferred methodologies are interventionist and design-based research, action research and action learning.

Dorina teaches organizational theory, organizational learning, technology-enhanced learning design at the full-time master’s degree programs in Learning and Change Processes and IT, Learning and Organizational Adaptation where she is also course and semester coordinator. In addition, she coordinates and teaches at the part-time Master in IT, i.e. Online Leadership, IT-Leader and IT-Change Agent. Dorina holds a coordinating function in the Study Board for Learning, IT and Organizations.

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Hanne Dauer Keller

Hanne Dauer Keller is cand. psych. aut., PhD and associate professor of organizational learning. Hanne researches workplace learning, learning in the tension between education and work, psychosocial work environment, well-being and stress in work life, and leadership. She works from qualitative methods such as participant observation and interviewing.

Hanne has worked on research projects focusing on competence development and social learning processes in organizations, organizational learning between the educational context and the workplace, and the interaction between organizations' learning and work environment. She is currently driving a major qualitative and logitudinal research project on stress and empowerment, following the development and learning process of citizens after sick leave due to work-related stress. The project is established in collaboration with Center for Mental Health, Aalborg Municipality.

Hanne is head of section covering research and education in organizational learning. She has previously been head of studies (2013-2015), and vice dean for education at the Faculty of Humanities (2015-2019).

Hanne teaches on psychosocial work environment, change management, learning theory, competence development and qualitative method. She is the semester manager, coordinator and teacher at the part-time master's program in learning processes and the bachelor's degree in organizational learning at Aalborg University.

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Jakob Nørlem

Jakob Nørlem is teacher educated, he holds a diploma in management (2003) and a master’s degree in management development (MMD) from CBS (2008). Jakob has worked as a manager in Novo Nordisk, Rambøll and in a Danish commune. Jakob is a PhD fellow researcher in talent development and talent environments. In addition, Jakob is conducting research in sustainable leadership as well as agile and resilient organizations in a process theory perspective.

Currently, Jakob is facilitating research in a developmental project regarding the development of art talent environments for young artist in rural districts in North Denmark. Jacob teaches change management, coaching, mentoring and other professional development dialogues, talent development, talent environments, organizational development and organizational learning. He has published articles and books on coaching, professional development dialogues and paradoxes in organizations.

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Kurt Dauer Keller

Kurt Dauer Keller is cand.psych., PhD and associate professor. His primary fields of research are existential phenomenology, social psychology and organizational theory. Kurt is co-editor of Aalborg University Press’ series on Existential Phenomenology and member of the board of the Danish Forum for Existential Phenomenology. He teaches organizational psychology, organizational philosophy, social psychology qualitative methods and theory of science.

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Line Revsbæk

Line Revsbæk PhD, MSc in Psychology is associate professor of organizational processes at Aalborg University. With a background as an organizational psychologist she is experienced in designing and leading organizational change. Line’s research is on organizing and organizational learning and she contributes to process-ontological reconceptualization and practice innovation of everyday organizational processes such as employee onboarding (Newcomer Innovation), learning, reflexivity and collaboration across organizational hierarchies as well as leadership development. Line works from the process philosophy of pragmatism (especially G. H. Mead) and from complexity theory conceptualizations of organizational life. She develops process-ontological research methodology, transforming traditional researcher-practitioner positionalities in practice-oriented research (published in Qualitative Inquiry and Qualitative Studies). She has led several externally funded action research projects.

Since 2015, in collaboration with international colleagues Line co-convened the research network on Organizational Education at the European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) and is coauthor of the network memorandum. With international colleagues, Line is co-convener of a PDW (2019) and sub-theme (2021) at the annual colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS).

During 2018-2020, Line was Chairperson of Study Board for the Continuing Educations in Learning and Philosophy. She is coordinator of AAU’s part-time master program on Leadership and Organizational Psychology (LOOP).

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Lone Hersted

Lone Hersted is PhD, Master of Arts (MA) in Dramaturgy and Associate Professor in leadership and organizational development in a process perspective. She holds a PhD in relational leading and dialogical processes within the frame of action research.

Lone’s research and teaching activities cover organizational learning, leadership development, action research, dialogical process, roleplaying, co-creation/co-production and process thinking. Lone is coordinator of PROF - Master of Process Leadership and Organizational Change and she teaches in educational programs such as KREA - Master in Innovation and Creative Design for Learning, LOOP - Master in Learning Processes with specialization in Leadership and Organizational Psychology, LFP - Master in Learning and Change processes and Master of Applied Philosophy.

Lone has contributed as a researcher to a series of externally funded research projects such as Leadership-close-up (action research with management groups at 10 primary schools, financed by the A.P. Møller Foundation), Leadership-in-practice, LIP (action research with managers at 38 vocational schools, financed by the Danish Ministry for Children and Education), The knowing and reflexive practitioner (action research with 22 employees at Center for Deaf-blindness and Hearing-loss, CDH), The reflexive knowledge manager (action research with managers at CDH) and Learning in praXis (action research with employees and managers at CDH, funded by The North Denmark Region).

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Lone Krogh

Lone Krogh is associate professor with main research areas in higher education policies and their impact on organizational development, as well as framing of teaching and learning practices in higher education. Her research focus on societal changes and their impact on the capability needs and the competence development thus requested by private and public enterprises. Her research interests include adult learning, learning assessment and educational development with a focus on innovative teaching and learning activities to include and enhance students’ voices, perspectives and mutual relationships to create empowerment of the students in the educational context. Krogh is also a PBL researcher and experienced in implementing PBL strategies and staff development nationally and internationally. Currently, Lone is researching problems regarding student well-being in Danish HE institutions together with department colleague Annie Aarup Jensen and research colleagues from Roskilde University. The 3-year project is financed by the VELUX fund. From 2012 – 2015 she did a project together with colleagues from Aalborg University and the Royal university in Bhutan, about Quality of School Education in Bhutan and the perspective of Gross National Happiness and assessment practices.

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Mogens Sparre

Mogens Sparre is PhD and assistant professor with the Department of Culture and learning. Mogens has a unique profile, combining many years of practical and strategic leadership with a PhD in organizational culture and leadership. His approach to research centers around participatory action research.  His fields of research are organizational earning, cooperative movements and sustainability. Mogens is experienced in consulting on organizational development through changing organizational cultures and turning organizational power relations clear and transparent. Mogens is a member of the Gaia Storytelling network run by Professor David Boje. Mogens Sparre is course coordinator in Aalborg University’s BA on Organizational learning. He teaches action research, leadership and organizational culture at a bachelor’s and master’s level.

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Nikolaj Stegeager

Nikolaj Stegeager is MSc in psychology, PhD in organizational learning and associate professor of sustainable management and organizational development at the Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University. In his research Nikolaj deals with issues of sustainability and sustainable development in a management and organizational perspective. Furthermore, he is interested in organizational learning especially in relation to the development and training of employees. Nikolaj has, among other things, participated in research projects concerning working conditions and identity development among newly trained doctors in the transition between university and work as well as a mapping of initiatives for vulnerable children and young people. Currently he is involved in a research project regarding development of talent environments for young artists in rural municipalities. He teaches at wide range of bachelor's and master's programs at Aalborg University. Nikolaj has published a number of books, chapters and articles on leadership, learning and organizational development. Nikolaj is the head of Learning Lab, which is responsible for pedagogical competence development for employees at Aalborg University. Furthermore, he has served as head of studies at the Department of Learning and Philosophy from 2015-2019.

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