Department of Culture and Learning


As an interdisciplinary research group at the Department of Learning and Philosophy, we welcome the collaboration of researchers from all other departments at Aalborg University and from other Danish or foreign universities.

The Techno-Anthropology research group participates in a number of research projects and networks. We publish in international journals and contribute to several scientific fields, including science and technology Studies (STS), ethics, computer supported collaborative work (CSCW), history and philosophy of science (HPS), and anthropology of science and technology.

Our research draws on a range of qualitative methods, including case studies and field work methods, which we continually strive to develop. One of our current efforts is to experiment with new digital methods that make ‘big data’ available for humanistic and social science analyses.


Research group leader Torben Elgaard Jensen

Torben Elgaard Jensen,  Head of Research Group

A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, A, 2-3-312
2450 København SV, Danmark

Phone: 9940 3394, 4077 9596

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