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The Centre for Education Policy Research conducts research into education and education politics and how policies are transformed and implemented in governance, in the curriculum, in teaching and instruction, in pedagogies and in forms of evaluation in regional, national and transnational contexts. Emphasizing interdisciplinarity and comparative perspectives, we draw on approaches from sociology, history, ethnography, aesthetics, political science, cultural and critical race studies, and didactics and curriculum studies. The research centre is based in Aalborg and Copenhagen.

We add to knowledge regarding four societal challenges and issues:

  • Equality, inequality and diversity
  • Governing, participation and autonomy
  • Periphery, polarization and social cohesion
  • Discipline, citizenship and creativity

Contact CFU

Contact CFU

Head of Research Center, Mette Buchardt
Kroghstraede 3 - 3.232
9220 Aalborg East
Email: buchardt@hum.aau.dk