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The Doctoral programme Culture and Learning

The Doctoral programme Culture and Learning is an interdisciplinary research education programme for PhD students at the Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University (AAU). The Doctoral programme is one of two programmes under the Doctoral School at the Faculty of Humanities, AAU. For the doctoral school, a PhD study board is elected, where PhD supervisors and PhD students are represented.

Research areas covered by PhD students at the programme include – but is not limited to – culture, education, organisation, media, literature, globalisation, discourse, philosophy, migration, tourism, gender, language, learning, innovation, digital technologies, health, data, consumption, methodologies, or evaluation.

The PhD students are affiliated as members of a research group

The goal of the Doctoral programme Culture and Learning is to establish the best possible professional and social framework for supporting both the course of study and academic development of the PhD students. Every PhD student is assigned a researcher at the department as supervisor for the project, and the PhD student will also be affiliated as member of one of the research groups at the Department of Culture and Learning and be part of its activities and meetings. The affiliation to a research group is meant as a support for the PhD project through involvement in an academic environment, activities, meetings, etc. as well as development of collaboration opportunities.

The Doctoral programme ensures an ongoing contact with PhD students and follow-up regarding supervision, progress reports, research stays, etc. In collaboration with the research groups of the department, the Doctoral programme also organises PhD courses on various subjects relevant to the PhD students.

The Doctoral programme on Culture and Learning was established in January 2020, and gathers activities of three former programmes: - the doctoral programme on Culture and Global Studies, - the doctoral programme on Education, Learning and Philosophy, - and parts of the doctoral programme InterDisc, Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies.

The Department of Culture and Learning

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The Doctoral Programme Culture and Learning
Head of the programme
Annette Rasmussen
Phone: 9940 7465
E-mail: anra@ikl.aau.dk
Kroghstræde 3, 9220 Aalborg Ø
Jeanette Arboe
Phone: 9940 3062
E-mail: jma@ikl.aau.dk
Kroghstræde 3, 9220 Aalborg Øst