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IT and Learning design (L-ILD )


The L-ILD – IT and Learning Design research group sets out to rethink the processes involved in learning through IT, focusing on the opportunities presented by IT for informing and facilitating learning and for strengthening creativity and innovation. The research group belongs to the Department of Culture and Learning at AAU and brings together a number of the country’s leading researchers in IT, learning and didactics.

Digitalisation and the internet have become important factors in societal change and are highly prioritised in educational systems around the world. As well as doing pure research, L-ILD cooperates with external partners to conduct both action research and practical research into IT, learning and didactics, with a particular focus on IT in primary schools and in higher education.

The group’s research addresses technologically intensive learning environments in relation to new modes of learning, formal and informal contexts, multi-modality and interaction, which are central to innovation in the educational sector, in businesses, and in a variety of organisations.

The activities of the research group are anchored at the Aalborg University campuses in Copenhagen and Aalborg.


L-ILD members in Copenhagen participate in the ‘ILD-LAB – Research lab for IT and Learning Design’ in conjunction with the ‘KILD – Communication, IT and Learning Design’ group from the Department of Communication and Psychology.

L-ILD members in Aalborg conduct research and cooperate with other groups in ’X-LAB – Design, Learning and Innovation’.




Associate Professor Lars Birch Andreasen
Associate Professor Lars Birch Andreasen
Phone: 9940 2361

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