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Literature, media and society (LMS)

The research group Literature, media, and society gathers the literary and media studies-oriented competencies at the Department of Culture and Learning. The group’s focus is literature and media and their interactions with culture, society, and other mediated forms. Literature and media are also considered focus areas in their own right through changing forms of expression, genres, and histories. The group is particularly interested in the role of literature and media as producers and affirmers of culture in a global and mediated society, as conceived through a variety of theoretical and methodological positions. The unifying position of the group is knowledge of and interest in literary and media history; their dialectical relation to cultural history is essential for the group’s activities.


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Research group leader Steen Ledet Christiansen
Research group leader Steen Ledet Christiansen

Kroghstræde 3, 2220
9220 Aalborg Ø

Phone: +45 9940 9177